Targeted copy writing and content marketing solutions for Industrial IOT markets.

Specific technology expertise includes but not limited to: Cloud technologies, Cybersecurity, Mobility, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain…

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Whitepapers: Concise, clear and well-researched whitepapers not only educate and inform your audience but draw them closer to you by building credibility. They trust you as a reliable subject matter expert. And they want to do business with you. Whitepaper makes your value proposition compelling and is a great non-hyped way to build your case and grow your business. To communicate and demonstrate the unique value and vision inspired by your innovation, whitepapers are often a must. So don’t just innovate. But resonate, attract and influence your smart audience with visually engaging, informative whitepapers.

Customer Case Studies: Integrate your customers’ positive experiences into your sales and marketing strategy. Customer case studies or success stories, when composed effectively, can shorten sales cycles, land PR, drive website traffic and win industry awards. In one to three pages create an extended testimonial from your customer featuring their business challenges, why your solution was selected and how your solution made them successful. A comprehensive story about end customers’ positive experiences and results are necessary to drive home the full, positive impact of doing business with your company.

Hi-Impact Websites: According to 2015 LinkedIn Lead Generation Report, websites rank #1 in lead-gen effectiveness among all marketing content categories (second only to tradeshows, conferences etc.). A recent survey by MarketingSherpa reveals over 60% of business buyers first visit a company’s website to evaluate a product or service — before contacting that company or agreeing to see a sales rep. That’s how important your web presence is in defining your revenue trends. However due to low cost of ownership, the importance of websites in overall marketing plan is often underestimated. This directly affects the bottom-line. At Irecamedia, we understand the importance of your web presence. By conducting site audits and a 35-step usability criteria, our goal is to make your website get big results through targeted content, keyword research and using ethical SEO techniques.

On Demand Videos: Visual content is a proven way to engage. Whether it is your customer’s success story, an informative display to educate your prospect, or a product demo – strategic video assets which are designed to appeal at each stage of the buying journey can move prospects more quickly from awareness to purchase. A “vision” of the final product and the key objective the video aims to achieve, brings out the most effective message. Give voice to your innovations and showcase their value with clear, concise and captivating video messaging.

Lead Generation Package: More qualified leads = More sales. Our lead generation copy takes into account the CNI factors of your business buyers and key influencers. By motivating and rightfully engaging them with non-salesy content, your lead generation campaign can create a favorable environment leading them closer to a smart buying decision. Boost your revenue with targeted B2B Emails, Landing Pages and Ads that Sell.

Email Campaigns: Be it lead generation, product promotion, nurturing leads or making a sale – an effectively crafted email campaign is the key. A systematically developed content, a compelling subtle structure and an effective nudge can get your future customer closer to the deal and keep your existing customer engaged and interested. Higher click through rate is proportionate to higher sales. We help you implement both email automation (aka. Autoresponder) and individually crafted emails for the target audience.

Articles, Newsletters, Brochures and other Marketing collaterals: Lead industry trends and keep your audience engaged with thought-leadership articles and magazine-style newsletters. Enable your salesforce with interesting and compelling sales materials. Once we discuss a topic, what you receive from us is a finished product, thus saving you valuable resources and invincible time-crunch.