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A Flipbook and landing page for IBM’s Telecom Analytics marketing campaign. Target audience: Telecom industry buyers of advanced customer experience analytics products and solutions.

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Case Study


Customer success story: How a mobile-web crowdfunding platform connects donors with students in an impactful and enriching way.

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Industrial IOT boosts Healthcare Efficiency and Savings

A success story featuring Industrial IOT’s contribution in the Healthcare industry. By adopting IOT-based distributed architecture, a leading ultrasound manufacturer enables medical providers and researchers to significantly boost efficiency and cost savings.

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Fortune 500 Transportation Giant Regains Sales Mileage with Cloud Based CRM Solution

A success story of how real-time data analytics enabled sales success.

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How to Automate Business Transactions with Smart Contracts… Smart Contracts as an emerging Fintech technology can be a key player in automating businesses

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Benefits, Drawbacks and Use-cases of a technology that promises to re-define the financial services industry.

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An article featuring Intel/WindRiver Helix Chassis, a platform to build applications for the In-Vehicle Infotainment market. Audience: Connected car application developers in the commercial space.

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A technical article for Intel’s Developer’s zone emphasizing the context and software solutions to build secured IOT products. Audience: IOT commercial developers and makers.


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An article on Cybersecurity challenges & solutions in the world of Internet of Things (iOT). Published in an emerging Technology digital magazine.

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IOT, Analytics and Manufacturing – Can GE make these work together?
An article featuring GE’s IOT innovations in Manufacturing.

Target Audience: IOT enthusiasts in engineering and business decision-makers.

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Strategic Videos to compress B2B Sales Cycle

Thought leadership article breaks down video asset strategy along the sales funnel

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Lead Generation


In less than 60 minutes learn 7 easy and effective ways to solve Contact Management crisis

Lead generation package for a webinar comprising lead generating content, landing page and email autoresponder.

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Slash quotation & proposal writing time by 60% PLUS Increase their Effectiveness by 20%

Lead generation content promoting a training webinar.

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Corporate Websites


Features industry-wide educative podcast, blogs, news on Industrial Internet of Things.

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Most trendy technologies, website architecture, design layout, and content geared towards boosting market visibility and search engine ranking.

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End to End website delivery – sitemap and information architecture creation, web-design coordination, web-content that drives brand image and prospects.


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Teaser email and conversion-driven web sales letter for an innovative hybrid Yoga product.

Target Audience: Affluent fitness enthusiasts. Age group 30-55.

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A B2B landing page featuring a online sales letter. The goal is to promote and boost membership for a Premier Business Entertainment Alliance. This is a conversion-driven landing page.

Target Audience: Highly ambitious CEOs and C-level executives of American corporates.

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Conversion driven webpage content for a Big Data solutions provider.

Target Audience: CxO, Technologists, Data Scientists

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Email Marketing Content


A lead generating email for an online learning program.

Target Audience: Middle Aged prospects seeking to job security and career transition.

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An email autoresponder series for a security product.

Target Audience: Home PC Network and Smart Home Consumers.

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Video Content

A journalistic documentary (85 min.) traces the origin of Yoga in the West. It presents insights into the unfolding of Swami Vivekananda’s grand mission and the deep influence of his presence in America.

This DVD was released internationally in 2013.

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